What Is A Business Association?
A business association is a voluntary partnership of business owners and business professionals that pool together resources and knowledge capital to advance the interests of participating members.  These interests include increasing job opportunities, helping businesses prosper, and developing a local economy
How Can A Business Association Help Your Business?
Business associations often serve as liasons betweentheir business membership and representatives in government, keeping their membership aware of grant opportunities, areas for business contracts, identfying partners that can help your business grow, and taking positions on small business-related legislation
What Makes Our Collaborative Different?
The West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative is comprised of leaders and full support from 9 different participating business associations and is therefore the largest coalition of businesses in West Philadelphia.  Our association is large enough to serve directly on the Boards of major construction and real-estate developments where we help our members recieve contracts.

  We also have a long list of partners that includes local Universities and academic institutions, corporate organizations and political entities.

2017-2018 Strategic Initiatives

The West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative  is guided by seven key strategic initiatives determined by its Board each year.  View our 2017-2018 Strategic Initiaitves by clicking below
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​(Right to Left), Philadelphia's Director of Commerce Harold T. Epps and Curtis Gregory, Director of Business Services for Philadelphia speaks with James Wright, Commercial Corridor Manager, Lancaster Avenue 21st Century Business Association and WPCC President, Jabari Jones

​(The crowd at the 52nd Street Stakeholders Meeting held at the Urban Art Gallery that brings out business owners, community development leaders to plan for the future of the corridor