$23 BILLION+​​

Estimated contracts to be awarded on private real-estate development in West Philadelphia  that we sit on advisory/oversight boards for

In contracts awarded for development projects in University City alone in 2015 reported by University City District

Estimated Spend per year by West Philadelphia's academic institutions on procuring goods and services


The West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative is committed to seeing local business recieve contracts on major projects across the City.  We serve directly on boards that shape over $23 billion in development.  To further our mission in seeing the number of local, diverse businesses recieving contract opportunities, we launched this new corporate capability statement submission tool.

How It Works
Businesses may use the form below to upload their Corporate Capability Statement.  Please fill out the form completely and when prompted, upload your capability statement in PDF format.  We will use the statements to match your business to alert you of contract opportunities and in some cases, support businesses in recieving a contract.  

​Although all of our members will recieve notifications on contract opportunities, our Collaborative will prioritize supporting businesses for contract opportunities in the following order:

1. Businesses that are members in good standing of one or more of our participating business associations
2. Businesses located in West Philadelphia
3. Businesses that are minority-owned enterprises