Our Resources
We have developed partnerships with local institutions, business service providers, government entities to help you grow your business.  Check out our selected list below:

City of Philadelphia Business Resources

​The City of Philadelphia makes several resources available to local businesses, including Business Grants.  Our office can support businesses by providing letters of support for city grants and assistance in the application process.

​Business Security Camera Program

​InStore Grant Program

​Storefront Improvement Program
​Is security a concern for your business?  The City of Philadelphia's Business Security Camera Program can reimburse you up to $3,000 for eligible security camera installations. 
​​​The City of Philadelphia's InStore Grant provides eligible businesses with a forgivable loan from ​$15,000 to $50,000 for eligible improvements.  Contact Us to recieve a required letter of support ​​
​The City of Philadelphia's Storefront Improvement Program provides up to 50% of eligible rennovations (up to $10,000) for physical improvements and rennovations of your business location
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WPCC is a partner of the Philadelphia Energy Authority in its Small Business Program which disburses grants of up to $9,500 to help businesses purchase energy efficent upgrades.
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​​Private and Institutional Resources

​There are several  private organizations that are invested in growing local West Philadelphia Businesses.  We maintain partnerships with these organizations and, upon our request, they provide resources to our constituents.

​The Merchant's Fund

​Mural Arts Program
​The Merchant's Fund offers quarterly business grants for equipment upgrades,  loan matching grants and awards funds to geographic business districts.  Contact us to recieve a letter of support
​Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program designs murals in neighborhoods to create vivid, vibrant atmospheres.  If you're a business owner who owns your store location, consider adding a mural
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​​​West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative Resources

​Internally, the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative makes the following resources available to business members.

​Consulting Services

​Business Association Matching

​We maintain partnerships with consulting organizations that can grow your business and sometimes provide direct consulting.  Fill out our consulting inquiry form to be matched with local service providers
​We can help match you to your local business association.  View Our Participating Associations to find your local organization or contact us to be matched
​We have partnerships with corporations, institutions and board positions on local real-estate developments to keep our membership informed of business contract opportunities. Sign up for our mailing list
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